DIY Ikea Slider Part 1

This past Tuesday was my birthday so, I took the day off and spent some really fun time with my family. In addition, I started working on a DIY slider. I had been eying up some sliders for a while and I finally happened along a really simple way to get my feet wet.

My design, is centered around a GRUNDTAL towel bar from Ikea. The great thing about this towel bar is that it features two stainless steel bars instead of one. This creates just the rails that I needed for a slider.

For the baseplate/traveler, I stole much of my design from DIY slider. The base of the slider is 4 PVC T pieces with a metal plate attached to the top in order to allow a camera or head to be attached. I lined the inside of the PVC with a little felt. I have since found that I need to add more felt in order to minimized the noise produced when operating the slider.


I still have some work to do. I am going to add on some more material and a mounting plate so the finished unit can mount onto a tripod. I am also going to paint the baseplate black to give it a nice finished look and add a ball mount for easy camera positioning. I have already taken a few test videos and it seems to work pretty. well.


I will update with a followup post when I have it finished up along with some test footage.

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