Fish, Role Models, Music and Oh!

In my home town of Port Washington, we have a yearly festival called fish day. It’s claim to fame is that it is the worlds largest one day, outdoor, fish fry. A lot of qualifiers, I know. In reality there’s a large parade and everyone drinks and eats fish, watches fireworks and then goes home. As I walked around fish day I got to thinking about the messages that our festivals send to our children about who we are, and who we want them to be. The photo below captures this thought for me.

Role Model

My friend Elise and I talked a bit about dance and how it can be so great for girls but also so harmful. We talked about the oversexualization of dance and unhealthy expectations that it can place physically on the female body. Being the father of a boy, these consequences hadn’t hit home as much as they did on Saturday sitting next to Elise and her baby girl.

Elise and Nadia

At the same time, my wife and I saw some really fun, athletic demonstrations. The Milwaukee Flyers did some street tumbling. I just caught the tail end of their show, but it was really fun.

Milwaukee Flyers performing at Fish Day in Port Washington, WI.

On our walk back home, we happened upon these three guys, and I have to say they were playing the best music at the festival, even though they weren’t at a stage and had no amplification. In fact, I think that may be part of the reason they were the best music there. There is something about having to lean in to listen, having to quiet yourself to hear someone else’s voice that is very human and real. It just seems like how music was meant to be enjoyed.

Unplugged at Fish Day

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