Port Washington Fall Hike with M

I have found in recent months a true love for hiking and the woods. In fact, if I do not get out into the woods at least about once a week I get a little grumpy as I am sure my wife would attest to. Micah and I decided to venture out for a hike today in Port Washington starting at Upper Lake Park. My plan was to follow a rather wide path down to the river where there is a new bridge installed to facilitate a mountain biking trail. Micah however quickly got distracted going down a deer trail and sent us down a rather steep valley side, tumbling over logs and scrambling down gulleys. Needless to say we were both having fun.

I can’t think of a time when the woods are not beautiful. Every time there seems to be something different and unique. At this point most of the leaves have fallen but there are still vibrant spots of color to be found.


After crossing the river a couple of times, we did link up with a more established trail and had a great time exploring and taking photos.


Micah took some photos too. Here is my favorite.


The trail we got on is actually part of the mountain bike trail. There are some fun little features like a tree tunnel that Micah really liked.


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