Ice Flows – Harrington Beach State Park

Call me crazy, but when I hear the the high temperature for the day is going to be 8 degrees I am somehow not dissuaded from going outside. The colder it gets the crisper the air and the fewer people there are. I headed out Saturday afternoon for a ski up at Harrington Beach State Park. I wasn’t even planning on visiting the lake on this particular trip, but when I caught a glimpse of it through the trees I knew I needed to take a look.

The extreme cold combined with the relentless waves of Lake Michigan had created huge ice flows that extended 150-300ft out into the lake. These ice formations were not simply flat sheets of ice, but instead they were practically hills and valleys leading up to the open water.

There was one other brave photographer out on the ice with me and he helped me provide a sense of scale in the photos. It was really an alien landscape. I made me feel quite small and reminded me of just how small we humans are on this earth.

During this excursion, I also put a new piece of gear to the test. My Patagonia Torrentshell hard shell jacket. It performed great. I am going to figure out a way in the coming weeks to start posting formal reviews of some of the gear I use. In addition, I am planning on soon opening up an online print store. Be sure to check back for details!


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