Thought for the Weekend

As a father, I feel like I am constantly reminded of how quickly life moves. It seems like every day my boys are changing so much and if I blink they have learned something new, have new experiences to share or have just simply grow about 2 inches.

My encouragement to you all is to put your family first. Put down your phone and watch your kids play. Stop working and take time to sit and talk with your spouse. Make real moments and experience the amazing blessing that family is.


Holstein Family – City Park Sneak Peak


Thursday before last, I got to make some photos with a dear family right here in Port Washington. Elise and Craig are just amazing parents to their little girl, Nadia. It was so much fun to visit City Park with them and I can’t wait to deliver all of their images to them.

One of my favorite subjects are children and their Dads. I think that’s because I believe Dads are so important. I heard someone say the other day that the average position in a company can be replaced in two weeks, but a parent can never be replaced. It’s my hope that my photography reminds fathers just how vital and irreplaceable they are.

Happy Father’s Day


Photo by Nikki Stenson

I count it as such a privilege to be the father of two wonderful boys. It is my hope that my photography points families to the wonderful joy and privilege that children are. My hope is that as families look at my images, they are reminded of how wonderful being a family is.

As a father speaking to other fathers, it is my hope that you are overcome with awe of the beautiful and fulfilling role that you have been blessed with.

Happy Father’s Day!

Discovering Winnie The Pooh


This morning my oldest son was wandering around the house like he does when he is a little bit bored. He walked over to one of our bookshelves and pulled off a book that had been sitting there for some time. It was a collection of the original Winnie the Pooh stories. He opened it up and began to explore the pages with interest he had never shown before in that book. Something about today made that book special. He proceeded to look through the whole book for a good 15 or 20 minutes which is quite a long while for a two year old.

I was reminded to continue to look for new things in old places both as a photographer and as a human being. Maybe something that was mundane yesterday will be fresh and exciting today.

A Very Special Maternity Session

One thing that I love about photographing people is that I get to capture once in a lifetime moments that people will get to look at for the rest of their lives and remember. Every once in a while, I get to capture one of those moments for myself. As some of you may know, my wife and I are expecting our second son. Even in the cold Wisconsin winter this presented the chance to capture a moment that we will never have again.

Merry Christmas

Hello all and Merry Christmas! We’ve had what I would call perfect Christmas weather: loads of snow and cold temperatures. Yesterday, I decided to go out and try to capture just a little bit of what I love about this time of year in my hometown of Port Washington. Here’s what I came back with.

I hope you all enjoy peace and rest with your families this Christmas!


I had the privilege last week of spending some time with the Decker family. The Decker’s recently welcomed home their adopted son, Bentley. We had a great time making photos together. I truly do count it a privilege when I am invited into a family’s home to capture just a little bit of the unique love that they have for each other. It was seriously cold out for this shoot so we only spent a short while outside, but I think these photos show that when people love each other you can capture gorgeous photos wherever you are.